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Be good to yourself. If you don't take care of your body, where will you live? - Kobi Yamada

Vibrational Sound Massage (VSM)

Himalayan bowls are placed on the body and their vibrations travel through the body just as waves ripple through a pond.  LIke a pond, the body is mostly water.  The vibrations travel through the body at finer and finer levels until they dissipate into the cells - regions we could never touch with our hands.  These vibrations provide cellular massage and help bring the cells to their prime resonant frequency (PRF).  PRF is the frequency that cells vibrate at when they are in their healthiest state.  VSM can reduce physical pain, anxiety, stress, muscular tension. and emotional and mental blocks. 

30 minutes - $55.00

90 minutes with a massage - $105.00

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